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More than 1 week I not update my blog. I'm quite busy doing the correction to my thesis and the same time I cannot do any activities in the garden. Since Friday last week it's raining every morning and evening. I just done some preparation for the Orchid Show in Penang Floral Festival. This event is one of major event in the tourism calendar for Penang state and it's was have been organized since last 12 years ago.
Today, since 8.00am I already in Penang Botanical Garden with the orchid committees. We start the registration at 9.00am till 1.00pm and judging start at 2.30pm till 4.00pm., around 4.30pm we finished with full results. 
I just bring 5 plants and won 3 prizes, not so many orchid bloom in my garden. Normally for this show I can bring more than 20 plants. The weather always cloudy and raining since last month, so it's interrupted the flower growth.
Here are some update in the orchid show, I will update section by section accordingly. For this post , I update  the Best 4 plants and Paphiopedilum section.

Major prize of the show
Best Plant of the Show

Paph. gigantifolium

Paph. gigantifolium

Best Reserve plant of the show

Stanhopea Tigrinum

Best Species

Paph Sanderianum

Best Local Hybrid

Paphiopedelum Section

I would like to welcome my new Orchid  Friend - Mark and Gaz from Bedfordshire,United Kingdom with their Alternative garden blog to my Orchid de Dangau.  Thanks Mark and Gaz for being my 21st friend here.
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9 Responses
  1. p3chandan Says:

    Wow! you won 3 out 5, thats cool! The orchids look so unusual, never seen them before, are they all hybrids?

  2. Helen Lewis Says:

    I love the orchids! Are you working on your PhD or Masters degree? Just curious. :)

  3. p3chandan> I expect more than that, but it's ok. Only local hybrid winner is hybrid orchid, others are species.

    Helen Lewis> Thanks for your visit. I just working for Master degree by research, next year will continue for PhD in Korea.

  4. Hi, those are very charming orchids and congrates on your winning. I did not know that you are a postgrade student as well. I am also doing my postgrade by research.

  5. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for the wishes. I already in final stage...just do the correction to my thesis...and actually already continue as I am, a employer to the company which sponsored me. InsyaAllah next year will continue my PhD in South Korea. What kind of research are you doing? Good luck with your research!

  6. I am in PhD in Science- genetics program. How about you? Good luck to you too.

  7. thanks for the wishes. I'm doing research in nanoelectronic devices and more focus in fabrication technique and material.

  8. Babes Says:

    Wah tn buat Master then PhD lg. Wow tn mmg hebat, salute dgn tn, dgn ksibukan dgn orkids2 dan aktiviti2 yg bkaitan tn msh dpt buat Master? Hmm...klu sy dah pening kpala.

  9. Makarimi Says:

    Babes> Pengurusan masa yg penting...sibuk dan letih macammana pun...dengan orkid mesti ada masa masa terluang. Tak lah hebat mana...biasa-biasa aja...usaha tangga kejayaan. Semua orang boleh buat...PhD on the way ;)