Makarimi Abdullah
FOMOS organized show in conjuction of 52nd AGM on 3 July @ Formal garden, Botanical Garden,  Penang. More than 20 orchid enthusiasts join this show with around 160 plants. It is quite good show even just for 1 day. Sadly I only manage to bring 2 plants only and won 1 prize. Most of my orchids either over bloom or not enough bloom for this show. Hopefully I manage to bring more plants for coming show on 10 July for Taiping monthly Orchid Show. 
This is the forth consecutive year I became the FOMOS committee, hopefully the new team members can organize more good orchid show to the public. As usual, my main task need to maintain the website and this year there are another sub-committee for IT, so I hope my team can move to the next level of achievement this year. A lot of things I plan  in my mind now. Hopefully everything is well plan and can implement to the society. Click FOMOS to go to the website. 
FOMOS New Committee member : Session 2011/2012

Here I share the beauties @ FOMOS 52nd AGM Show.

Best Plant of the Show: (Brassavola cordata x encyclia tampensis) x encylia tampensis

Best Reserve Plant of the Show: Dtps. Purple Gem

Blc. Wainae Leopard

Blc Wainae Leopard x Bl. Richard Muller

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5 Responses
  1. b-a-g Says:

    Orchid - Just wondering if this is your job or your hobby ?

  2. b-a-g> Thanks for visiting me again. Orchid just my hobby not my job ;) Most of my free time after working hours I spend only to my orchids. And some of my collections, which has extra pot I sell it.

  3. p3chandan Says:

    As always, your orchids are amazingly gorgeous!

  4. Ron Says:

    Another incredible series of pictures, but all stuff I couldn't grow for lack of space - do admire it, though.

  5. p3chandan & Ron> Thanks with nice words. I also admire most of the plants you grow in your garden. Always impress me;)