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Previously I already posted know your dendrobium class, now I show you how I replant them. Hope this post can give you some idea and guideline to replant your dendrobium orchid.

The picture below show you what you should prepare before you start to replant your dendrobium.

1. Your Dendrobium orchid
2. Cutter (sterile)
3. Small rope
4. Pot
5. Sulfur powder

- Cutter must be sterile, just heat it with small fire for few minute or you can clean it with alcohol. Sulfur is needed to rubbed it on the effects of cutting edge at the dendrobium cane.

- All the roots of the cane should be completely cut off, to encourage new root growth. We only need the bare root cane dendrobium.

-Then the cane is then tied-up at the side of the pot and it is must be hanging in the pot. This is to ensure that planted cane not moving on the pot. Good ventilation will assist the rapid root growth. Just put some/ a few of the charcoal in the pot. Then hanging the plant under 70% shades until the plant have the new roots.

- Your dendrobium maybe needs around 1-2 months to have the new roots, as a picture above.

-Then you can add more media on that roots and cover up all the roots.You can start fertilize them and your plant is ready to have the 1st bloom.

Good Luck.

This post I would like to dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid  Friend - Shafa Rahim to my Orchid de Dangau.  Thanks Shafa Rahim for being my 49th friend here.
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