Makarimi Abdullah
Just green same as the leaf, but this orchid so attractive. So far I have two similar orchids have dark green flower. This orchid can last for two weeks and fragrant.

Clowesetum Black Jade

Clowesetum Black Jade - Close up

Clowesetum Loppe Farlansiae is hybrid between Ctsm barbartum X Clowesetum Black Jade, It have many varian and this varian is C2.

Clowesetum Loppe Farlansiae 'C2'

Clowesetum Loppe Farlansiae 'C2' - Close-up
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6 Responses
  1. Mark and Gaz Says:

    That's a beautiful flower, so exotic! I don't normally come across green flowered orchids and that one is a definite beauty :)

  2. wow..
    So extremely beautiful.
    I never knew green orchids exists!

  3. Interesting, It must have its own reason why its green. Chlorophyll on the flower?

  4. Mark and Gaz> This orchid so special, I only have these two with green flower in my garden. Maybe you should try plant in your exotic garden.

    James> Green orchid exist...even black orchid also exist. I only have green orchid...not black orchid...still searching the source ;) Maybe you should try plant this orchid in your garden.

    Shaifuls> Thanks ;)

    Diana> Thanks...Not so sure about the reason, good question! I need to find the reason why it's green!

    Cher> Thanks for the compliments ;)