Makarimi Abdullah
Hi all,

Every Saturday I will update my post with Eight Yellow orchid flowers to supports Yellow Saturday ;) To know what is Yelllow Saturday click here.

Slc Little Fairy

Epicattelya Don Herman 'Gold Rush'
Blc (Haadyai Delight x Erin Kobayashi)

Oncidium ampliatum

Pot. Free Spirit x Lc. Tropical Sunset
Bulbophyllum graviolens
Dendrobium lampongense
Potinara Thiti 'Chanchai Gold'

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5 Responses
  1. Bright Beautiful Bloom! At a glance they can resemble daffodils.

  2. Essas "AMARELAS" estão show, uma mais bela que a outra.
    Muito bom mesmo.

    Rinaldo Bradtfixe Ignacio
    Américo Brasiliense / SP / Brasil

  3. Plant Chaser Says:

    Beautiful yellow blooms. We have one yellow orchid named after a former president of ours. The BLC Corazon Aquino. I think you might like it too.

  4. Malar Says:

    That's pretty collection of yellow Orchids! I never seen most of them! ;)

  5. Diana> Your daffodils also beautiful. I really admire to see the real one, not just a picture. Of course I want to have experience to plant them too.

    Valeria> Thanks Valeria, I like your laelia flava so much..hope I can have that laelia in future.

    Plant Chaser> You are right, the BLC Corazon Aquino so beautiful...I like both varian, the yellow and the green. I need to find both varian to my collection.

    Malar> I will post more yellow orchid every Saturday. Come and visit me again in Saturday to see more Yellow Orchids ;)