Makarimi Abdullah
This show organized by Perak Orchid Society, which held on 28 June - 3 July 2011 at Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh, Perak. On 29 June, I went there. I am a visitor not exhibitor ;), normally I join the show, but this time just go, visit and go back. It is quite interesting show, I think there are more than 100 plants there. Sharing is I share with you the beauties ;)

Best Plant of the Show : Epidendrum neopropax
Close-up: Epi neopropax
Best Reserve Plant of the Show: Gongora scaphephorus
Close-up: Gongora scaphephorus

Best Species: Phal. Bellina 'Blue'

Lc Loog Tone

Lc Wyana Leopard

Lc (Yen Suprise x Watana Gold)

Blc Tainan Gold

Rlc. Green Dragoon

Rlc Mem Robert Strait

Blc Port of Paradise

Blc King of Taiwan

Bras. cuculata

Lc Netrasiri Starbright

Lc Netrasiri dark prince

Bras cuculata
Epiarthron Kevin Mark Ragbir

Vanda Pachara Delight

Bulb Lobii

Bulb Clatonense

Bulb Graveolens

Bulb Dearei

Bulb (fascinator x longissimum)

Dend Griffthianum

Dendrobium sulawesii

Encyclia prismatocarpa

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3 Responses
  1. broga giant Says:

    I think that green cattleya named as Lester Mcdonald(Rlc) is questionable. I've seen this picture before in one of the orchid websites, they named it as Rlc. Green Dragoon a cross between Harriet Mosley and C. bicolor. The bicolor lip is very prominent. Whereas Lester McDonald is cross of Ann Follis and digbyana. Both have big wide lips.

    The other picture is Caularthron bicornutum x Epi.stamfordianum, registered as Epiarthron(Ert) Kevin Mark Ragbir

  2. broga giant Says:

    Hai, Makarimi, I'm Neoh, do you think that the Best species Phal. violacea 'blue' is violacea? or Samera (violacea x bellina)?

  3. Mr Neoh> Thanks for your info, will make acorrection for Rlc Green Dragon. Regarding the Phalaenopsis, just take the name from the registration card, If this one is samera, the plant cannot be the Best Species right? It is include in hybrid.